The Oakwood Management Team 

John D. Wymer, CAPS, CPM
You don’t spend over 40 years with the same company without learning the ropes inside and out. Just ask Oakwood Management President John Wymer. During his more than four decades at Oakwood, he has served in virtually every role, from Leasing Consultant to Property Manager. John’s expertise runs the gamut from rehab to new construction projects, and he has hands-on experience managing both small and large apartment communities and commercial properties. He is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS) as well as a past president of the Columbus Apartment Association (CAA) and a founding trustee of the Ohio Apartment Association. John’s diverse experience falls right in line with his conviction that balance is critical in all areas of life. When he’s not busy working, he makes time for fishing, boating, gardening, and scuba diving—anything and everything that lets him enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. In the fall, you can find him at most Ohio State football games, cheering on his alma mater. 
Dana L. Moore, CAPS
Ask Vice President of Property Management Dana Moore who her favorite superhero is, and she’ll answer Mighty Mouse without missing a beat. She’s a big fan of his mantra, "Here I am to save the day.” While Dana doesn’t claim superhero powers of her own, she does her share of exceeding customer expectations while overseeing the operations of Oakwood’s residential properties. With nearly three decades in the apartment industry, Dana is a 26-year veteran of Oakwood Management and has served in various positions, including Leasing Consultant, Property Manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, Director of Property Management, and V.P. of Operations. She is a licensed Ohio Realtor and a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS), as well as a past president of the Columbus Apartment Association (CAA) and the Ohio Apartment Association (OAA), currently serving on both boards. In addition to being active in her industry, Dana stays active in her personal life, attending fitness classes regularly and eating Jeni’s ice cream. Balance! 
Regional Manager and Licensed Realtor (from her days in Louisiana) Cindy Ary loves spring, when everything is ‘new’ again. While she is a 27-year apartment industry veteran and has been with Oakwood Management for well over a decade, she takes a fresh approach to her job each day. To stay current with the latest industry news and trends, Cindy attends Columbus Apartment Association meetings and National Apartment Association conventions, and she keeps her many professional credentials up to date via ongoing training and education.
Donna Baker, CCCP, HCCP
Regional Manager Donna Baker is an expert in tax credits and senior residential housing. During her 22 years in the property management industry, she has perfected what she calls the ‘art’ of working with the government to complete the appropriate paperwork and reporting necessary to meet her clients’ needs.  Donna has spent the past 14 years of her career at Oakwood Management, where she worked as a Property Manager and a District Manager before advancing to her current position.  Donna gives back by participating in fundraisers, and she lets loose by riding motorcycles.
Rose Gore
A native Pennsylvanian, Rose Gore may be a Steelers fan, but she believes summers in Ohio can’t be beat. She’s spent the past 20 years of a 33-year career with Oakwood Management, serving in various roles including Property Manager, Maintenance Coordinator, Maintenance Supervisor, and District Manager. Today Rose brings her significant experience in leasing and maintenance to her role as a Regional Manager. She also has a passion for gardening and home remodeling, which she channels to ensure that all properties under her direction provide unique and inviting environments.
Margaret "Peggy” A. Peattie, CAPS, OLR
An avid traveler, Peggy Peattie loves going new places. At Oakwood Management, however, she’s found a place where she’s content to stay put. The Regional Manager has spent the past 20 years of her three-decade career at Oakwood. She is well versed in managing both commercial and residential properties and has successfully overseen a handful of million dollar rehabilitation projects. Peggy is a licensed realtor and a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor, and she is currently seeking her Certified Property Manager designation. She is also an active member of the Columbus Apartment Association where she serves on the Education Committee. 
Deborah A. Pizzurro, CAPS, CPM
A former boss once told Deborah Pizzurro that if you want to succeed, surround yourself with the right people. Fortunately, Deborah has been in good company at Oakwood Management for the past 26 years. During her time with the company, she has served as Leasing Consultant, Property Manager, Multi-Site Manager, and Senior District Manager. As a current Regional Manager, she works hard to meet her property owners’ needs. Deborah is also a licensed Real Estate Professional. She keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry by attending Columbus Apartment Association meetings, educational seminars, and annual expositions and by maintaining her CAPS and CPM designations. 
Vic Steinfels
Vic Steinfels may have yet to hit a hole in one on the golf course. However, as an Oakwood Management Regional Manager, he succeeds on his clients’ behalf every single day. A certified specialist in the area of condominium management, Vic believes that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. This philosophy has helped him serve his clients well during his 32 years in the apartment industry, the last 10 of which he has spent with Oakwood. 
Helen J. Zahler
Regional Manager Helen Zahler knows all about achieving goals. For one thing, she has two daughters who have played soccer for 16 years, and she’s an avid hockey and football fan. In terms of her professional life, it took Helen just one year as a Leasing Consultant before being promoted to manager. She has 32 years of apartment industry experience and has spent the past eight years with Oakwood Management. She brings to her job a commitment to treat everyone the way she would like to be treated. Her expertise and work ethic translate into satisfied property owners who enjoy working with Helen. 


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